PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed from July 3rd-July 13th. Any orders placed during this time will be processed on July 14th.

About Us

DescriptionI founded Fedwell Pet Foods in 2014, based on home-cooking recipes that healed my dog Fenway after a near death experience. 

While selling my all-natural, synthetic-free, baked foods across the US in stores, and online, I discovered that many of my customers were struggling to address health concerns for their dogs and cats.

While quality pet foods provide an important foundation in overall health and well being, I knew there was an opportunity to serve my customers even better by opening stores that would provide alternative products and services to support common ailments. Petwell Supply was opened to serve our customers better, and I hope we can help your pets lead healthier and happier lives.

We are currently reformulating our Fedwell recipes to better address specific health concerns, and in the meantime I hope you will come visit us in person at our flagship location in Somerville, MA.