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Petwell Supply's Guide to Water Safety

Petwell Supply's Guide to Water Safety

Who doesn't love to see their dog enjoy the same things we do- like swimming! It's one of the best parts of summer, bringing your dog down to swim, paddle board, or even to go boating!

Having fun in the water comes hand in hand with water safety. When going out with your dog either kayaking, boating, or any other kind of water sport in open water, grab a doggy lifejacket! 

The Ruffwear Floatcoat is perfect for all of your water sport needs. It comes equipped with a large handle along the back for easy dog extraction from the water. This is perfect, if not for just peace of mind, but to make it super easy to get your dog out of any hairy situations. The Floatcoat comes in multiple sizes so dogs of all sizes can enjoy the water safely.

The Floatcoat comes in a nice bright yellow, so you (and others) will be able to spot your dog from far away. In general, keeping an eye out for your dog while in a watery environment is important. Not all dogs are super strong swimmers, so make sure to look out for areas with large waves or currents. 

Additionally, make sure to check water conditions ahead of time, some algae blooms can be extremely harmful to humans and dogs alike. It's always helpful to give your dog a quick rinse after swimming anywhere. Dog's with floppy ears can get infections if bacteria gets trapped so make sure those are clean and dried. 

With any activity there comes safety rules, but as long as you keep your dog's health in mind you both can have oodles of fun!


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The Best Water Toys for Summer Fun

The Best Water Toys for Summer Fun

It's no lie that some dogs love the water. And what makes the water even better? Water toys!

We carry a handful of water toys to make your dog even more excited about their visits to water.

Check out the Ruffwear Hydroplane Float toy. This doubles as a frisbee, so it can be used on land as well as the water! But where most frisbees or other throw toys would sink in the water, the Ruffwear Hydroplane will float! It's bright colors means you'll never loose it. The Hyrdroplane is hollow in the middle, making it easy for you or your pup to scoop it out of the water. This toy is perfect for watery fun!

Or try out the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick Chuck Float Fetch Dog Toy. This toy combines your dogs love of water and sticks! This toy mimics a stick in shape, but where your dog may chew through a stick, the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick Chuck Float Fetch Dog Toy will resist those heavy chewers for tons of fun! The Gnawt-a-Stick also floats on water and comes in very bright red, yellow, or blue.

 Check out all the rest of our Ruffwear toys here!

We also carry two types of Chuckit Balls, one bright orange and the a darker blue. They're both water proof and buoyant so they'd also be great for bringing along on water adventures. Grab a Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher to pick the ball easily out of the water. 

Come on by to check out all of our water toys today!

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Update on Store Covid Prevention Measures

Update on Store Covid Prevention Measures

With the availability of vaccines for both our customers and employees, we've updating our in-store Covid-19 measures based on the latest federal and local guidelines.

Masks are now optional for those visiting our store who have been fully vaccinated. We do ask those who are not fully vaccinated to continue wearing their masks while in our store space for the safety of our patrons and team. 

The Bulk Bin Mix & Match treat bar is open for self service once again! Simply grab a scoop or tongs from our basket of clean utensils and help yourself. An employee will be sanitizing each treat bin along with the scoops and tongs after use to make sure all surfaces remain clean for our next guests. 

Additionally, we no longer have a limit on the number of customers we're allowing inside the store at any given time. We realize it's a smaller space, but please do try to stay 6ft apart from other patrons, when possible, to help us maintain social distance. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Should Dogs Be Professionally Groomed?

Should Dogs Be Professionally Groomed?

Dogs, just like humans, need a little upkeep of one of their best features, their coats! While some dogs only need a quick brush or a good scrub to look like their best selves, a large amount of dogs need regular upkeep, including haircuts, to keep up the great looks, stay cool, and remain healthy. 

Dogs with thick coats or in need of haircuts should get groomed on a regular basis, and who better to do so than a trained groomer? Groomers do it all: haircuts, baths, nail trims, ear cleanings and so much more. Many of the services provided by a professional groomer can be difficult to perform at home, and are necessary for your pet's best health.

If your dog sheds constantly (looking at you huskies), bringing them in consistently for baths or a good de-shed can save your house from pounds of dog hair, and will keep them cooler! Over time, they will begin to shed less and less as all of their undercoats gets cleared away. A groomer can get a large amount of hair off with every grooming appointment rather than letting it slowly come out all over your couch. De-shedding your dog is also wonderful for their health. Not only will it help to keep them cool in the summer, but it will allow the oils on the skin to be redistributed which can help with itchy or dry skin. 

If you'd like for your dog to get a haircut, a groomer is perfect for that, as trimming your pup's hair at home could be very challenging. Getting your dog's haircut doesn't just mean a super cool look, it is also beneficial for your dog's health. Without regular haircuts and brushing, dogs with certain types of hair can mat, causing sores and dry skin. If mats become too large, they can cut of the blood flow in your dogs skin and require surgical removal. Bringing your dog regularly to get brushed and de-matted and trimmed can help keep them looking and feeling their best.

Groomers do it all, they keep you pet happy and healthy as well as making them look like there best selves. 

Here at Petwell Supply, we offer a few different types of grooming appointments 5 days a week:

Full Groom: This appointment include a full de-shed or haircut, depending on your dogs coat, a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, with the option for add ons like teeth cleaning and anal glands

Express Bath: This is a great de-shed option, your dog will receive a bath and blow dry. This appointment also has the option for additional services like a nail trim. 

Puppy's First Groom: This option services to help desensitize your puppy to a professional grooming. The appointment only consists of a very light bath, blow dry, nail trim, and if possible, face trim. 

Walk in Nail Trim:  Need a nail trim but don't want to book a whole appointment? Come on by during normal store hours to get a super quick nail trim!

Schedule a grooming appointment today!

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